As we have all heard, our bodies are mostly water. What you may not have heard, however, is that studies at Cornell and Harvard have discovered that water inside our bodies is actually H3O2, a gel-like water charged by electrolytes, similar to a liquid crystal.

Fascia is a water-filled, continuous spiderweb-like network inside our bodies that goes from head to toe and skin to bone, and every system in the body: nerves, blood vessels, organs, muscles, bones, etc., down to every individual cell in the body, are held within this fluid web.
The fluid inside the microtubules of the fascial network are filled with photons, or light particles, which means, we are quite literally liquid crystal beings of light!

Fascia serves many functions in the body.
It provides glide between tissues, is the scaffolding that gives our body structure and shape, is a shock absorber that protects the delicate systems within it, and transmits information much faster than our nervous system.

Because every system in our bodies is wrapped in fascia, if the fascia is not hydrated and healthy, it clamps down with a force able to reach up to 2000 pounds/square inch, and restricts the various systems within it. Habitual postural patterns, stress, trauma/injury, and dehydration all impact the health of your fascia.
When fascia becomes dehydrated, or we experience stress, injuries, or trauma, or we do not put our bodies through a variety of full-range movements on a daily basis, or we have habitual posture misalignments, our fascia begins to felt together causing adhesions. These adhesions can prevent proper glide between tissues, such as between adjoining muscle fibers or groups, preventing proper muscle firing and functioning, or even pain. Fascial adhesions can also jam joints in the body causing symptoms such as TMJ, bursas, and other joint problems. Fascial adhesions can clamp down on nerves causing pain or numbness, on blood vessels causing restrictions in blood flow, and even on individual cells restricting the intake of nutrients and the release of waste. Our brain also lives inside a fascial net and restrictions here can cause a host of symptoms.

Fascia is a continuous web of connection, therefore, engagement with any part of the fascial system is a simultaneous engagement with the whole system. Myofascial Release is a very gentle form of bodywork that engages with the fascial system to release these adhesions and restore the body to its natural state of health and well-being.

We are vibrant beings with bodies that are meant to, and capable of, supporting and allowing us to explore and move about our natural world with health and well-being.
Dis-ease, pain, dysfunction, lack of energy or interest, heavy thoughts and emotions are signals of a life out of balance. Myofascial Release can help you return to a place of harmony, balance, and well-being by working with your body’s higher intelligence in releasing traumas, unhealthy patterns, and physical restrictions.