Our breath has the power to awaken, renew, and transform us.

Everyone thinks that because we all breathe every day without thinking about it, that there is nothing that we need to learn about breathing. However, this could not be further from the truth.

Our breath has the unique quality of being able to function without our needing to be in conscious control of it – we continue to breathe throughout our day and as we sleep without having to think about it, and yet, we have the ability to consciously take control of our breath and modulate and manipulate it, changing its rhythms, and patterns, breathing quickly, slowly, smoothly, erratically, or even holding and stoping our breath.

This ability to take conscious control of our breath gives us a gateway into our autonomic nervous system and a key to managing the inner workings of our physical, emotional, and mental states. 

Through our breath we can change our heart rate, decrease our blood pressure, improve our digestion, lower our stress levels, strengthen our immune system, improve our sleep, manage our emotions, and bring clarity and insight to our thoughts,… just to name a few.

Our breath can center and calm us, or energize and invigorate us. It can also play a role in increasing our stress levels and the cascade of chemicals and hormones that negatively affect our health, or it can help us step out of these cycles and bring us back into a place of balance and well-being.                                                                        

Through our breath we can connect to realms of intuition and creativity, and connect with higher levels of consciousness and thinking.                                             Our breath can also be an incredible tool for healing. Our breath is powerful and learning how to connect with it, and work with it is an exciting journey that will take you to wonderful places both within and without.

I am a certified breath coach through both, YOGABODY® and SOMA Breath® and I offer 1:1 breathwork coaching and group breathwork journeys, as well as breathwork courses and recorded breathwork journeys.