How Can Posture Alignment Therapy Help Me?

Posture Alignment Therapy brings the body back to its functional design, eliminates pain at it’s root, and gives you the best body to bring to your activities.

Almost all of us – whether because of an injury, repetitive motion without realigning the body, or lack of awareness of our poor postural habits, have fallen away from the body’s natural design for optimal functioning. In your Posture Alignment sessions, we will look at your current posture through photographs, gait (walking) analysis videos, and function tests. Together we will come to a greater understanding of what is happening in your alignment and how it is affecting your well-being, athletic performance, or causing pain such as headaches, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, hip pain, sciatica, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, bunions, joint degeneration, and more.

In Posture Alignment Therapy, we understand that the body is a unit that is connected head to toe, and although you may be experiencing the symptom of pain in one area of your body, the cause of the pain is almost always somewhere else in the chain. If the root cause of the pain is not addressed, then masking the pain with pills, injections, and even surgeries will never be effective.

Pain relief is not the only reason to use Posture Alignment Therapy!

If you workout, hike, run, or play a sport, an aligned body will enhance your performance. Tight, weak, and imbalanced muscles, and misaligned joints don’t allow for full range of motion or proper muscle recruitment. A regular routine of Posture Alignment exercises will bring your body back into balance so that all of your skeletal muscles are flexible, toned, balanced, and perform correctly and the joints are properly aligned allowing for full range of motion, stability make sure that you bring your best body to the game and get the most from your workouts!