Do you have pain?

Do you have headaches? Shoulder tension? Wrist pain or carpel tunnel pain? Back pain? Hip Pain? Sciatica? Knee pain? Bunions? Plantar fasciitis?

Did you know that all of these are related to your posture?

Muscles are what move the bones and for most of us we have, over time and unknowingly, allowed our muscles to lose their balance, tone, and proper functioning, thus pulling our posture out of alignment.

For example, most of us sit… at our desk, in our car, and on our couch – slumped into our low back.¬†This causes the pelvis to tuck under and the arch in our low back to be pulled flat.

Our arm movement is usually limited to a small area in front of our body as we work on our computer or at our desk, drive our car, and click our remote. Rarely do we lift our arms overhead, out to the sides or behind us.

Our muscles get used to these positions and limited use, and some become weak, others become tight, and they lose their ability to bring the skeleton back to its proper posture.

Because our bodies function as a unit, when one thing gets pulled out of place, everything must readjust. As our shoulders begin to fall down the front of our body due to our slumped posture and arms reaching in front, our upper back becomes rounded and our head juts forward. Because our pelvis is no longer in its neutral position, our thigh bones now sit differently in the hip joint – which affects what muscles get used in our hips as we walk and move and how our knees and feet are positioned.

This does not happen overnight, but rather slowly over time.

One of the most common things I hear when I speak with people is, “That’s just my posture.” That may be now, but it is not the posture you were designed to have and it is not the posture that supports you to be fully functional and free in your body.¬†Even if you are active, go to the gym, do cardio, lift weights, go to spin class, hike, etc., if you are bringing a misaligned body to these activities, you will simply be increasing your muscle imbalances and will be more prone to injury.

A regular posture alignment routine will rebalance your body and return it to its natural design.

Make an appointment today to find out how your posture is affecting your body. We will do a posture and gait analysis and design a program tailored just for you to bring YOUR body back to its functional, pain-free alignment.

What would your life be like if you were pain-free?

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