Is Posture Therapy only for Pain?

Absolutely not! Don’t wait until you are experiencing pain to begin your posture alignment therapy. A balanced, functionally aligned posture is the foundation for a youthful, vibrant, flexible body.

Age isn’t what slows our bodies down and starts the creaking and cracking, it’s lack of movement and alignment. Keeping your body aligned and active is a big part of maintaining a balanced metabolism, healthy heart and lungs, oxygen-rich circulation, strong bones, and flexible muscles, joints, and spine.

Maybe you sit all day – at a desk, commuting in your car, on your couch…. Having a regular Posture Alignment routine can help keep you from becoming the modern day hunchback of Notre Dame, slumped in your lower back, shoulders rounded, and head lurching forward.

Do you workout? Lift weights at the gym? Run? Swim? Play a sport? Our bodies are meant to MOVE and they love it when we do! Playing golf shouldn’t leave you with a sore back, hip, or shoulders. It’s not the activity that you are doing, but the body you bring to it that causes pain. A misaligned body won’t support you well during your activity and the activity itself will take you deeper into your misalignmnets. A body that isn’t aligned and functioning properly will be more prone to injuries and have a harder time recovering from exertion or injury. A regular Posture Alignment routine will keep your body working properly so that no matter what activity you are doing you will bring your best you to the game!